Hi Assalamualaikum gaissssss!!!
Hahahaha lama sangat tak update.. sbb lappy problem.. and now dont know how suddently it can open!!
and i too excited nak update!!
hahaha acah acah ade fans tegar blog ni..
tapi takde pun.. except dear self.. hahahahahahah
NOW? how goin?
im good. im working..
same place with my mom..
tapi at the end of this september i'll quit coz i got a better job..
clinic assistant dekat adda height.. clinic pakar kanak kanak!!
im so excited gais!!!! hahahaha
but dont know how to handle that stubborn kid. arghhhh help..
hahhaa dahlah badan ai keremping you know  what my weight like seriously turun satu persatu..
hahahha makin nak gemok.. makin kurus.. hm kenapa eak?
hahahahahhahah well dear self..
please take care of your healty.. you're young and not child anymore..
please act matured and sedar diri tuh.. hahahahahah
hmmmmmmmm i got story to share.. but later i share okay? i want to sleep now..
bye dear diary :* love you!

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